Post Script

    It has been several years since I finished this website.  Upon reflection, one thing
    strikes me in particular: my writings reflect too much the “long view”—that is, looking
    back and reflecting on how “Living in the Presence of God” carried me, especially
    during my difficult days.  What it fails to fully reflect are the long hours—and sometimes
    several days at a time when in the midst of crisis—when I would strive to know the
    presence of God—but felt more than anything exhaustion and anxiety.  During such
    times the pace is so hectic and our lives are so full—that there just is no room left for
    God to “come and dwell”.  To be clear, the problem is mine—not God’s; but a problem
    nonetheless.  If I were to rewrite the narrative portions, I would share the experience of
    fatigue, anxiety and pain of loss that were also part of my life—and the knowledge that
    such feelings were necessary to healing and the faith that they would pass in time.

                                       To God be all praise and glory!!!